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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Escape the Ordinary

Ocean Park
Age 13 and above
Age 2-12
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Luxury – Tropical Boutique Hotel in San Juan

Only steps away from the beach, tucked away in one of Puerto Rico’s most exclusive yet vibrant neighborhoods, lies a hidden gem. Intimate and enchanting, with only 23 rooms, The Weekender Hotel has been specially designed to offer a unique and tranquil setting which will magically transport our guests from the urban hustle and bustle of San Juan.

With a true commitment to personalized service and a distinct charm that will greet you at arrival and accompany you throughout your stay, this one-of-a-kind oasis is the perfect choice for the most discerning traveler.

Whether your visit is for business or for pleasure, or maybe a little of both, The Weekender Hotel, small on purpose but large in style, will become the center piece of your stay in San Juan.

escape the ordinary…

Seizing Every Moment on Your Vacation

We want to make sure that every single moment during your stay will be enjoyable and memorable. Explore all the opportunities we offer you to discover and enjoy our beautiful place.
Immerse yourself in the spices and flavours of around our vibrant culinary neighborhood.
Our fitness room invites you to enjoy a moment of sport and relaxation.

We provide you a full range of equipment:
Elliptical trainers
RPM trainers
A work out bench with dumbbells

Opened every day from 6:00 a.m until 10:00 p.m.
Although it may be hard to pull yourself out of your hammock or away from the beach, we want to help you spot some incredible scenery and learn more about the Caribbean culture.

The Perfect Location

The Weekender is in a magical setting, surrounded with lush greens and peaceful atmosphere, yet just few steps to the beach. Be a part of the happenings and restore your mind with our experiences throughout the hotel.
Located in the San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Explore our rooms
Explore our rooms